Aynmarie & Andy by Mark Reinhard Review

The story behind Aynmarie & Andy is based upon the true story of two women who met in their home. They had an affair, and when the husband of one of them found out about it, he committed suicide, and so Aynmarie & Andy were left without a man.

Aynmarie & Andy were then approached by a man called Daren who offered to help them find men. However, he also told them that they should get married, and then he would pay for their services. Aynmarie & Andy became involved with Daren & his wife, Lisa.

Aynmarie & Andy soon realised that their lives were intertwined, and that they needed to make a decision. They decided that they should marry and get rid of the marriage, while keeping each other. They also decided that they would have children together.

Aynmarie & Andy went to a house where they were told that they would be able to start a family in the next few days. But there was a problem with the family, because it was an abusive home. Lisa was being physically abused, so they moved on.

Eventually Aynmarie & Andy returned to the house in which they started off with. There, Lisa revealed that she was pregnant, and Aynmarie & Andy went back home. On the way back, Aynmarie & Andy noticed a strange car in the driveway.

The strange man had hired someone else to drive him to work, but he didn’t want any company on his trip. So he hired another driver. When the driver arrived, the man had to get off the road because the road was blocked.

Aynmarie & Andy realised that the man was blocking the road to prevent another vehicle from getting through. So they followed him to a house. He explained that he had been married to a woman called Tiffany before. When Tiffany told him she didn’t love him anymore, the man took her money and took her to a hotel room.

Aynmarie & Andy followed him to the hotel, but soon realised they were not welcome. It turned out that the man was a conman, and a conman does not want people to know what he has. done. The story ended with them agreeing that if they were ever found to be conmen, they would kill themselves.

Aynmarie & Alexandar by Mark Reinhard are a fun read, full of interesting characters and situations. It’s a little sad to light, but also has enough twists to make you laugh.