Top 5 Catty Encounters That Are Guaranteed to Enrich Your Cat’s Life

When you’re a cat owner, you most likely have heard of the phrase, “itty gritty” before. What you probably didn’t know is that there are actually several different types of catty circumstances that could be categorized under this phrase. The first type would be litter box accidents. Cats like to use the litter box as an alternative to using dirty litter boxes so there is a good chance your cat will want to go there. They’ll usually clean it up before they find any trouble later.

One of the worst forms of catty behavior could come from a dog. A dog that is very dominant in the neighborhood can really take over your house and your pet. If you are a cat owner who has seen this happen, then perhaps you should consider spaying or neutering your dog. This way, he won’t be able to possess your cat and get the best of you both.

You might also encounter a cat that doesn’t want to be picked up. If your cat doesn’t want to be picked up, it might just go around the house or roam about aimlessly. The only remedy for this would be to carry them around with you. It would be like taking them shopping for you! It’s funny how the little dog wants to be just like their master.

Sometimes a catty cat might just run around the block and disappear for no reason at all. If this happens to you, then don’t worry. They do have a way of hiding themselves. All you have to do is call attention to them by barking or approaching them when they are out of sight.

Sometimes a cat might be having problems with its weight. This can be caused by a poor diet or even obesity. You might be surprised at how much just a few changes in your cat’s diet can make. They do love their food though so try some new things and see what happens.

One last tip that works well with many cats is to play with them. Cats love to play. If they are feeling neglected then sometimes they will seek out your attention. When you play with them, they will get the exercise they crave and the enjoyment that come with it. Cats will benefit from being treated as people do and they will feel loved and cared for when you play with them.