Elizabeth Rage Nude Photos

This past weekend, Elizabeth Rage nude photographs were all over the internet. Celebrities had snapped photos in poses that do not even appear to be nude. They had poses that show off their smooth curves while wearing nothing at all. They had cams that were placed in various places on their bodies to catch them in private moments like when they are alone or showering. The pictures that were released were totally innocent but everyone had to stop and wonder if the photos were staged.

Well, it is not. There are two reasons why these photos were staged. The first is that the models were not real models. They were Camsoda models who act and have been filmed by an experienced photographer. So, there is no doubt that the photos were staged because they were taken from real photos but people had to ask themselves if they were being realistic with the posing and the lighting and the camera angles.

Why did the photo shoot require the use of a nude camsoda? The reason was simple. It was to hide any skin that was visible in the photos. You see, Elizabeth Rage, the model, needed to get as much natural looking flesh on her body as possible so that the photos would come out perfect. If you look closely, you can see that the models were lying down with their backs facing upward and their legs extended out. That means they were not lying down with their faces towards the camera and their chests down.

How does the public view nude photographs like Elizabeth Rage’s? Some people were upset because they thought that this was exploitation of the models. I guess the public is just used to seeing nude photos on celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston and lots more. But, these photos were taken for a completely different reason. It was to get more airtime on fashion shows.

Fashion models have to pose in a certain way so that the public will want to buy their products. If you do not pose this way, no one is going to buy your clothing. Elizabeth Rage’s photos got some great responses from the public because they showed the world what a real model should look like. Even the fashion world was not happy with the photos because they are not real. But, this model has been compared to the real model and she looks great in the photos.

Now, we are just going to have to wait and see what happens. Right now, she is still listed as a nude model and you could still buy her clothes. If she gets more demand, maybe soon she will get more clothes. Right now, her clothing is probably considered a C2P garment.