Why Is Gaby Ferrer So Popular?

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In this free video posted a few months ago on Gaby’s site she talks about her passion for running and her desire to run faster. She shows how hard it was to make her start running because at one point gaby was overweight. She talks about the embarrassment of having people ask how she could do something so physical and embarrassing. Gaby talks about how since then she has developed a routine of eating healthy foods and exercising.

Today Gaby has more than 25 million views in her videos and has become one of the fastest growing cam models worldwide. As of right now she has over 7 million views in her camsoda account. Gaby talks about her quick transformation from her small skinny jeans to the tight slimming pants and how she gained those extra pounds in just a few months.

In this video she explains how she loves to lick her own vagina and share it with her friends. She then explains how these views started to build up when she was masturbating with her fingers one month ago. Now after she started to build these views she realized that girls love to see their men do it. This explains why she posted this candid video a few weeks ago. Gaby now has over a million views in her profiles including her camsoda account.

Gaby has gone from a thin beautiful young lady to a very voluptuous woman in as little as 3 years. Her transformation is truly remarkable. She has gained a lot of weight over the last few months but the change is truly remarkable. She has also had the courage to post this video on a cam site that allows comments. Gaby has received many supportive comments from women all over the world. Gaby has not only responded to the comments she posted but she has also put many new positive messages on her profile.

Gaby has also created her own YouTube channel where she posts new videos everyday. She has gained over 16 thousand subscribers and has not slowed down her posting schedule. In fact, she has even added a new video today discussing her quick weight gain and transformation. I am sure that Gaby Ferrer will continue to impress all of us with her incredible views and positive comments for quite some time.