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Giselle93 video can be viewed below. I just want to let everyone know that I am a huge fan of Giselle. Her videos are hot and very erotic. Her videos are not only high quality, but they are fun to make too. In this video she is going to do an amazing amount of dancing in her video.

Video starts off with her getting out of her house on a motorcycle. Then she is riding with her friend as they drive to the location of the video. In the background we can hear some loud music playing. While they are driving to the location music cuts out. Giselle quickly gets off the motorcycle and starts doing her thing.

Giselle is dressed in all black and has on very low cut black dress. It is just the right length of dress. It is a very tight fit, but one that is revealing enough. Giselle puts her hair up in a ponytail and walks out of the house in only a few steps.

We then see her on the set of her video dancing. She has on some very high heels and is wearing some fishnet stockings with fishnet tights. These type of attire are really hot for dancers. The two girls are standing next to each other and Giselle is doing her thing while holding onto the oil bottle.

In the background you can hear some sort of weird noises that sound like something is being spilled. The two girls then walk away from the set. As they leave Giselle throws her arms around her friend and they both start to dance. This is when you start to notice the weird dancing in the background.

The entire video is very sexy and entertaining. This is a great video to use as your opener if you are going on a date. Just make sure you know the lyrics to this song so that you do not have any mishaps. This is definitely going to turn you on when you watch this video because of its sensuality and quality.

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