How Much Money Did Kharynasunderland Get For The Video?

Kendra Sunderland is an American adult glamour model and performer who rose to fame as the Library Girl in a porn film called “Books”. Aside from being an adult entertainment star, she’s also a well-known Instagram model who has garnered 1.9m followers on her personal page. It was at the end of her thirties that she decided to take her career to the next level and pursue acting, and she did just that with the role of a Library Girl in the adult film, “Red Right Hand”, which was made by New York City’s own independent production company OnlyUs.

There are many reasons why I find her to be the best catching fire in the adult film industry today. To begin with, it was the scandal where a member of the adult entertainment industry was caught making out with a man on camera that actually cost him his job. Kendra wasn’t involved in the actual recording, but it was one of the first instances of an employee going against his bosses’ wishes to have sex in public. When this video went viral, it spread like wildfire and other similar situations happened across the country. Many in the adult industry realized that they needed to do something to stop the rising cases of firings and scandals, and so they fired hundreds of people who were caught having inappropriate relationships with their co-workers.

As a result of all this negative publicity, however, Kendra was able to build up a massive following on Instagram. I’d say that a large chunk of this following comes from her famous Instagram account, which she uses to share photos from all over the world as well as videos and pictures from herself on the beach, doing crazy stuff, and of course, catching the newest gossip in the world of the adult entertainment industry. One of the more famous videos from her Instagram account, in fact, went viral after it was shared on the internet: a clip from a music video for “Daft Punk’s Around The World In No Time” went viral almost instantly, and was featured on the social media giant’s official account.

A lot of people are wondering how much “Daft Punk’s Around The World In No Time” has been selling online. Since it was released in May of last year it has become one of the most successful songs from the band and has consistently ranked within the top twenty most downloaded songs on iTunes. The song has been parodied by many different artists and is still incredibly popular. You could even go and search “Daft Punk around the world in no time” on Google and see what results come up. Considering that this song did not even appear on the charts when it was originally recorded it is pretty impressive to see how popular it has become online.

However, it does raise questions about the well being of Kharynasunderland, whose actual identity is largely unknown outside of her relationship with boyfriend Christian Shepherd. It’s fair to say that Kharyna has been heavily involved in promoting the songs and video on both her own Instagram and Facebook pages as well as on YouTube and other social media outlets. If she’s been putting so much effort into her “Happening” videos, it would be reasonable to wonder whether she is also heavily involved in her boyfriend’s business interests. This is especially true considering that Kharynasunderland and her boyfriend own several businesses collectively, and she would have had very little to do with either of them if she wasn’t an active part of their lives.

While it’s impossible to answer the question of how much “Daft Punk’s Around The World In No Time” has been selling online, it is easy to see how easy it has become for Kharyna to promote herself and her work. She has used her webcam modeling career to increase her social media net worth and build a fan base for “Happening.” Now, can anyone say “I Love You”? Check out the “Daft Punk’s Around The World In No Time” video for yourself below!