Only Tonight by Lana Rain

I’m a sucker for anything Les Claypool and/or Les Claypool video collection and when it comes to albums and singles I’m downright addicted. But recently, after listening to the Les Claypool tribute album Endless Clouds, a song I had never heard of (and really shouldn’t have) came across as rather dull. In fact it made me think of a number of other old songs that had once caught my attention when they were on my mp3 player. So I did some research and discovered that there was actually a brand new album called Only fans. Why has it become such a hit?

Well, the first thing is the great artwork. I’m not a huge fan of the style that Les Claypool employed but the artwork here is fantastic. It’s quite graphic in nature but there is nothing pornographic or innuendo. Also there are quite a few celebrity cameos, which, I thought, went a long way towards proving the album was for real.

The music is also excellent. There are several songs here that would easily be played on their own but, I found them especially catchy when performed by the band. One such track is Bring Me The Music, which features guest appearances by everyone from The Rolling Stones to David Lee Roth. Another fan favourite is Born To Be Wild, which although not an official Les Claypool composition, is still an excellent song.

It’s hard to come up with an overall rating for Only Tonight because in the context of everything that the album is. It’s a pure rock tune with plenty of guitar work and that’s about it. But if you’re a fan of oldies you’ll love this album as it contains songs that are very much like those you’d hear on an album by the legends themselves. There’s the cover which is a picture taken from an old Clue film where the heroine sees her dead father lying in a pool of water.

Her words of wisdom prove to be quite prescient as he urges her not to let her emotions get the better of her. With her heart already broken and the life she’s leading feeling uncertain it’s easy to see how this will happen. But it doesn’t have to. He also encourages her to go out and have fun and not dwell on what’s happening. In fact, he tells her that she should just enjoy the ride and soon the memories will become more precious than what’s happening right now.

Although there is no way to know whether or not she would have ended up singing these exact words at some point in her life, it seems as though she was in some ways already guided by these lyrics. They were just things she said to get his attention and send him off on his way. Although the album wasn’t an immediate success, it was one that she had plenty of time to prepare. Her songwriting ability definitely improved over the years and only seems to have increased with her growing experience as a songwriter and singer.