New Momokun Video Will Attract Lots of Attention From Cosplayers Around the World

Ok so I’m a real die-hard anime fan, I have no problem with fans trying to make money for their favorite animated character, however, I’m just not on board with the creators of Momokun. I’ve always considered myself more of a manga reader than an anime watcher, I’m not even sure what constitutes anime, because it’s so broad. So when I heard about this new anime series, I was surprised, not at all. I mean the guy makes some cool stuff, I’m sure you guys know that already, I didn’t care about any of that.

Anyway, I got my hands on the first volumes of Momokun, and boy am I disappointed. Ok so maybe not super into the original team, but Momokun definitely a story has resonated through the otaku community worldwide. There is quite a few reasons why she’s become so popular and those are the ones most heard of. One, she is very versatile as a character and two, she is actually pretty hot. So in terms of being a cosplayer, I guess she does count.

I don’t even think it’s fair to leave this review without giving my take on the story, or lack thereof, of Momokun. For a start I find it pretty hard to follow the plot of the show, so I stopped reading it after the second volume, it just wasn’t worth the time. However, since I’ve been back for the past couple of months, I managed to pick up a few threads that have helped me put some of what I’ve heard into practice, and here’s my thoughts on them for the upcoming summer and beyond.

First off, I thought it was pretty cool when the movie adaptation came out. While I haven’t watched the movie myself, I hear that the video titled “Moms on the Moon” is going to be the next Momokun video to come out. Now I’m not entirely sure if that is good or bad, but I am sure it will attract some attention from fans of the series who are also die hard fans of Momokun itself. In the video titled “Moms on the Moon”, one of the main characters, Momokun, comes across as a really sadistic sort of person, and she starts to laugh like a maniac while stating that her life was simply a lie.

I can only assume that in the future, more Momokun videos will be released focusing on her personality, as well as how she comes across in the videos that she does make. It is also safe to assume that the design team that did the layout of the video will be doing the same for the new one that will be coming out in the next summer. The other new movie that has been getting a lot of attention is the one with a huge starlet who goes by the name of Pamela Anderson.

If there is one thing that I have learned about cosplay, it is that each generation thinks that they invented it first, but that isn’t always the case. Back in the day, it was called Mamankyo, and people used to call it MAMMA. That type of popularity is usually reserved for anime and manga, but it has caught on with the growing interest in Mardi Gras and other parade events. What I’m hoping for with the new Momokun video and upcoming ones, is the use of traditional Maman Japanese designs to allow cosplayers to create their own interpretation of what Maman is supposed to symbolize. For those who are familiar with Moman, you will understand why I am so excited.