What You Should Know Before Buying

Petymila or Pentamira is a member of the family of anguillidae such as the Anguilla, the lemon shark, and the black fin tuna. It is common in the waters off South America, Central America and the Caribbean. In captivity it has a similar diet to that of the lemon shark but unlike its cousin it does not feed on the flesh of the fish it scavenges on the stomach acids of the krill and other marine life in its immediate area.

Petymila is called “pippy” due to the plump, red coloration of its skin. It has black and white stripes on its back and head. The name “pippy” was given to the fish by Hawaiian divers who found it rotting on the sand at the bottom of the ocean floor off Oahu, Hawaii. Some people believe that the pippy coloration is a result of the blood of humpback whales.

In captivity Petymila will eat fish, invertebrates and other marine life. In addition to being a great feeder it is also a good choice as a predator fish. It should be provided with rocky areas to hide in and large rocks for cover. Koi and blackfin tuna love to prey on Petymila.

Lifespan of a Petymal is about 11 years. When it hatches it must adapt to its new environment. It grows to about two and a half inches when fully mature. A typical adult pike will reach lengths of between three and five inches. The fish will stay small until they reach about seven or eight inches in length.

After it has grown to about two and half inches the fish will reach its full growth and will grow in the size of a large goldfish. The pips will stand out on the head by growing long and pointed. The scales on the body will be white or grayish and it will have an overall golden body. The fish will have pink fins.

As a school or pair of fish the Petymela will compete for food. If there are too many for the pond to support, they will fight to take over the food supply. This leads to them being one of the most colorful and popular fish in the area.

The Petymela fish will grow to about a foot in length when they are fully grown. During their life cycle they will live between one and three years. They are very hardy and can survive in any conditions. They are good swimmers and love to frolic in the water. Petymela fish are very active swimmers and they love to explore new places.

The most important thing you should do if you purchase a Petymal is to make sure that it is a healthy fish. When purchasing the fish, be sure that you know the lifespan and water conditions that they are accustomed to in. Some other fish may seem better but they could end up becoming sick and will die off faster than a Petymila. These are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a new Koi fish to purchase.