How to Spice Up the Relationship With PrurientKitty

In the world of online social networks and communities, Prurientkitty has established itself as a top internet destination. A former top internet joke site, and eventual adult content venue, are now a fully fledged social network with thousands of subscribers. In many respects, the site has set the bar for all social networks. I’ve talked to several people about it and they have all expressed similar sentiments.

The social aspect of it all? Well, let me give you a brief rundown of what you can expect: a strip tease for every member, an ongoing strip tease marathon for members, and sometimes, erotic suggestions for women in particular. It’s not just about girls though, there are some men who are turned on by this as well. However, the appeal of the site lies with women. It is primarily geared towards women, however there is an occasional guy who will stumble across the right woman here and there. For those men, it is quite pleasurable to receive a suggestive tease from a woman they are interested in.

Now, I’m not saying that this site is exclusively for women. While it does have a lot of men who enjoy this activity, it is predominantly a women’s site. This is due to the nature of the strip tease games offered on it. The main games available are: Strap, Stretch, Cross Tie, and Paper Mattress.

All of these games are fun and interesting. They tend to keep members amused for quite some time. Some of them can be quite graphic and should not be seen on a family oriented site. While there are members who use these images inappropriately, it is important to note that all of the images on the site are age appropriate. There are even a few “sexy mom” images for those parents who would prefer to avoid their daughters getting a taste of pornography.

As far as games go, there are a variety of them. Most include some form of sensual massage. While this is not directly for men, some women enjoy being played with in this way. It tends to stimulate them and make them feel good, which is what any woman wants when she is on a date with a man she is interested in.

In addition to the usual teasing you would expect to find on a site like this, PrurientKitty also offers other games to keep the players interested. There is the “Horny Cat Surprise”, which has you try and seduce your new girlfriend by seducing your cat. There is even a contest involved, with the grand prize being a trip to Las Vegas! Not only is this a great game to play with your girlfriend, but it might get her into the mood to want to see that Vegas trip!