An Online Community For ZZVioletzzy

If you are looking for a new and interesting group, check out ZZVioletzz. It is an online community dedicated to people who love zombies. Created by a bunch of high school students in Italy, ZZVioletzz is different because it is not solely centered on one subject or movie. In fact, the only thing the group is focused on is having fun.

The name ZZVioletzz is a combination of two words: Zombie and “Violet”. The members of ZZVioletzz are all teenagers with various crazy interests. Most of them are from places all over the world, but some are just from Italy or the United States. Because ZZVioletzz is more of an online community than a social group, they are constantly trying to find new ways to make themselves more popular.

The most popular activity of ZZVioletzz is creating games. Their most popular game is called Zyzzy, which takes players through a zombie-infested city. To win the game, a player must kill as many zombies as possible within a certain time period. The Zyzzy game is relatively easy, but requires the use of eye-catching Flash designs and music. However, players are free to do what they want once they have made the initial joining; no one will tell them what to do.

The biggest claim to fame of ZZVioletzz is its Italian-based forum. The site has twenty-five thousand registered users, making it the largest online community dedicated to anything to do with Italians. If you are wondering how this is possible, the community goes by a very simple system. If someone asks a question, there will be an open discussion about the issue. Users then vote, with each one earning a point.

In order to increase your community’s popularity, you need to provide excellent service. That means posting thoughtful threads, giving advice when asked for, and generally being a nice person. Because the forum is twenty-five thousand strong, if you are willing to put in a few hours a week, you can easily build up a loyal customer base.

All of these services are offered in ZZVioletzz for free, although you may have to pay a monthly fee to unlock all of their features. But really, it is all for the sake of fun. Would you spend fifteen minutes answering questions about Italian fashion on a paid online community? Probably not, so why pay for something that is unnecessary? If you have an opinion about fashion, ZZVioletzz is a great place to share it with the rest of us.